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Hatof Sumendfire - An EQ Mage on Povar
Family Photo Album


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Here are a few pix of some good times Hatof has enjoyed.

Rogue Cam!
Rogues do A LOT of dirty work. Yuck.

Gnome Rogue Perspective

My alt is a 54 rogue

A man in a tux; Size=180 pixels wide


Here is a picture of good ol' Dad.  This picture was taken at my surname ceremony in Erudin after I hit level 20.  As you can see, my Dad still prefers to dress as a more traditional magician.  He prefers tricks hiding doves up his sleeve and making hot women disappear in a box.  Guess he doesn't share my enthusiasm for conjuring up balls of flame and scorching my enemies nor having a pet that beats down anyone I deem an opponent.  Dad's still proud of me, though!

Woot! New spell!
Die foul noob creatures!

My Children

Sorry Mr. level 3 halfling druid...your quest for level 4 is gonna have to wait a few minutes while I play with my new point blank aoe spell!

Retro Hatof!
Gawd! What was I thinking?

Hatof circa 2002

My, how fast trends change!  What was I thinking?  Purplish - pinkish trim on a black robe is NOT cool and shaving that hideous mustache off was a good idea, too!